Date: 25th April, 2020 Time: 0900GMT-1300GMT 

Activities: Malaria screening (height, weight BMI inclusive) exercise for Accra Newtown 

Community, Distribution of Insecticide treated nets. email: tel: (202) 630-3449 

Facilitators: Novartis Team, National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), Quality Health Africa 

Medical team, End Malaria team (Rollback Malaria Initiative) 

Brief Description: The climax of the program comes off with a general malaria screening for 

the community on the school compound. Medical personnel from QHA and some selected 

volunteers from various Health Facilities in Ghana will join hands during the screening exercise. 

Various screening includes Body Mass Index (BMI). General Wellness Screen for Adults with 

abnormal findings referred to a nearest facility for thorough check up. End Malaria (organization 

under UN Operations) is expected to participate and Accra Municipal Health Directorate, and 

National Malaria control Program to monitor screening procedures as well as distribute Mosquito 

nets to the community. Clothes will be distributed via Clothes drive organized by Quality Health