Congress Subcommittee on Global Health and International affairs hold discussions with Top Corporations, NGOS and Private Sector on Strengthening Africa’s Healthcare System

December 11 2014, Washington DC,

Today the Subcommittee on Global Health, Africa, and International Affairs held their first roundtable discussion on a proposed bill for strengthening the healthcare system in Africa. The following topics were discussed throughout the deliberation:  the private sector departments, USAID, International Medical Corps,  W.H.O and giant corporations such as General Electric., SHIELD Africa, Global Health Technology Coalition’s and many more.

Erwin Boateng, the President of Quality Health Africa addressed the importance of educating individuals specifically in respect to health care. During his address, Mr. Boateng reiterated the importance of community health education and grassroots development. It is determined that by providing education and equipping healthcare donors with the necessary equipment and supplies the health care system will be strengthened. Hence, once individuals are exposed to community health education the quality services provided to patients will be deemed beneficial.


Mr. Boateng expressed the importance of Quality Health Africa’s presence in creating a change in the healthcare system in Africa. It is QHA’s global mission to be a part of this change by educating individuals and providing the basic healthcare necessities. With the help of QHA and the diverse corporations they will put an end to the current global health crisis.

Congress’ Subcommittee on Global Health in collaboration with the various Corporations and NGOS that gathered today hope to develop new strategies and effective ways to strengthen Africa’s Healthcare System.  Though this alliance, one of the main goals is to provide an action plan to prevent future outbreaks from plaguing the continent.