First Annual QHA Reception, Washington DC

On June 27th, in Washington DC, QHA held their Inaugural reception where motivated professionals and philanthropists in the Diaspora came together to raise awareness on the need for an improved healthcare system for Africa. The 1st Annual QHA Reception brought together several young masterminds from all over the world including Italy, and Canada and several States in America who were determined to restore the true value of Africa. During his speech at the reception, the president and founder of QHA, Erwin Boateng shared a story about the struggle his Aunt, Eva Bediako, went through before falling victim to breast cancer in 2010. Shirley Bediako, the oldest of the late Eva’s children,11 years old at the time, felt the pain of losing a mother at a young age due to lack of awareness, lack of medical supplies, passionate physicians, inadequate finances and a many other factors. Shirley’s dream to be a teacher abruptly changed after her mother’s passing; she vowed to become a Doctor after completing high school.

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