QHA Condemns Racist Remarks Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Testing in Africa

QHA Condemns Racist Remarks Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Testing in Africa

In light of the recent global pandemic that is COVID-19, Quality Health Africa (QHA) continues to work diligently on operations that improve and strengthen the health of our communities. We are invested in the well-being of those we serve and value the hard work that goes into fulfilling this purpose. As a result, we are deeply disturbed by the recent conversation between two French doctors on a major broadcasting network to test an anti-coronavirus vaccine in Africa. The suggestions were made on the premise that Africans are disposable,

“…we try things because we know they are highly exposed to dangerous pathogens and that they do not protect themselves.” – Dr. Jean-Paul Mira

We vehemently oppose any racist rhetoric that leads to the exploitation and utilization of Africans. Though we recognize the urgency and need to develop treatments that will protect humanity from further devastation, we must ensure that the developing nations of Africa do not lend their citizens off to a tone-deaf sector of the medical community as experiments.

This pandemic has affected over 150 countries and territories across the globe. And with more than one million total cases to date, the need for life-saving solutions are important now more than ever. This is the time for fresh innovation, from government to grassroots. We support efforts that are inclusive and respectful of everyone’s humanity. This is a unique time for all of us to come together in solidarity, to work in unison and muster the resources necessary to combat a common, non-discriminatory enemy.   

Finally, we would like to offer encouragement to our leaders across the diaspora. Recently Dr. Jean-Jacques Meyembe, Congolese microbiologist and head of research at the Institut National de Recherche Biomedicale (INRB), accepted USAID funding and welcomed the proposal for a clinical trial on a separate COVID-19 vaccine produced by Western nations, including the US, Canada, and China. We urge our leaders to remain vigilant and not be blinded by the dust of colonialism; not to give in to the temptations of federal aid to undermine the African people.

QHA is a strong network of leaders, doctors, nurses, community organizers, and volunteers. As an organization, we firmly believe in holding those accountable who aim to push racist ideas to the forefront. The mission of QHA is to set the standard for excellence in quality of patient care and patient safety in medical facilities all over Africa.

We are a new generation of Africans seeking to help Africans and those of the diaspora, in efforts the build a stronger, healthier future.  

Thank you,                        

Erwin Boateng


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