President of QHA attends Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Global Health and Fighting Ebola

Washington D.C, November 18, 2014 President of Quality Health Africa, Erwin Boateng attended a Subcommittee Congressional hearing on Global Health and Fighting Ebola. There were testimonies from the International Medical Corps, Africare and Food Security and Livelihoods Global Communities. During his testimony at the Subcommittee on Global Health and fighting Ebola Congressional Hearing yesterday, Senior

QHA Partners with Texas General Hospital to Donate Medical Supplies to Ghana

 Providing an enhanced Healthcare System for Africa will take a collective effort and participation from people all around the world. On Monday July 7th, the hard work and dedication of Quality Health Africa member Elizabeth Asamoah a radiologist at the Texas General Hospital, secured a partnership with the hospital. The Texas General Hospital will donate a warehouse full

QHA Fundaraiser, Monza Italy

On June 21st, 2014, after receiving permission from the local government of Monza, a city in the northern part of Italy, QHA held a fundraiser, which created awareness on the need to support QHA’s mission to improve the Quality of Africa’s Healthcare System. The fundraiser put together by dedicated QHA advocates was a tremendous success. QHA raised

First Annual QHA Reception, Washington DC

On June 27th, in Washington DC, QHA held their Inaugural reception where motivated professionals and philanthropists in the Diaspora came together to raise awareness on the need for an improved healthcare system for Africa. The 1st Annual QHA Reception brought together several young masterminds from all over the world including Italy, and Canada and several